Trademark Objection Reply

Secure your TM with a timely Reply to the examination report


What is Trademark Examination Report?

Trademark application passes from several stages, where Examination by Registry is a crucial stage.

An officer would examine the application and check for any errors or correctness of the application confirming to the Trade Marks Act and its Rules.

If there is no conflict of rules or other trademarks, it is passed to publication in Journal.

Why Trademark Objection Reply is necessary?

To Prevent Abandonment

Filing reply to examination report is mandatory to reach the next stage of the registration process. Failure in filing the reply to trademark objection report within a month from the date of dispatch of the said report would lead to the abandonment of the whole TM application.

Establish your Mark's Distinctiveness

The Trademark objection reply letter provides the opportunity to present the ground as to why the applicant is entitled to get his/her mark registered. With written reply to the report, one put can put forward the arguments on how the objections are not applicable to the TM application and show the mark’s distinctive features.

Common Grounds of Trademark Objection in India

Mark not Distinguished or Unique

Deceptively similar Marks

Mark describing Characteristics of Products

Descriptive Nature of the Trademark

Business Address Proof

Rent Agreement

Procedure of filing Reply to Examination report

Step 1

Collection of basic Information

Step 2

Consultation for grounds of objection raised by the examiner

Step 3

Discussing the suitable responses to the examination report

Step 4

Drafting of response by Experienced Lawyers

Step 5

Filing of TM Objection Reply by online

Step 6

Filing of registration application

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