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Online Professional Tax Registration - An Overview

Professional tax is a tax that is imposed by the State government on all salaried individuals

Professional tax is applicable to all working professionals like chartered accountants, lawyers, and doctors.

The tax rates differ across all states, however, the maximum amount that can be levied as Professional tax is Rs.2,500 per annum.

Why pay Professional Taxes? Benefits

It Is A Judicial Requirements

As per the rules and regulations of India, every employee is bound to make the professional tax payment without fail. Employers in many states of India are strictly bound by the judiciary to obtain the registration of professional tax. After the registration, they have to make the deductions and pay the service taxes of all the employees who work under them.

To Avoid Paying Penalties

Failure to professional tax registration results in huge penalties that keep on increasing over time.

Easy To Comply

When something is easy to comply, it won’t be difficult to follow. The professional tax regulations are so easy to follow that and not difficult to comply with. The registration procedures can be done quickly and the further proceedings are also much easier.


Deductions can be claimed in the salary on the basis of the professional tax paid. The deductions will be allowed in the year corresponding to which the taxpayer made the payments.

The State Government Tax

The local authorities and the state government have the right to collect all the professional taxes based on employment, profession trades and much more. The collected amount of professional tax per annum should not go beyond Rs. 2500 per an annum.

Strategic control over operations

Although being a foreign person, this structure helps the promoters to control over the operations and activities in a strategic manner. With at least one Indian resident director, the foreign entities benefit from the indirect control and supervision.

Documents required to register an Indian Subsidiary


PAN Card

Identity Proof

Address Proof

Business Address Proof

NOC from owner

Rent Agreement

Constitutional documents

List of Directors & Secretaries

Steps involved in Online Professional Tax Registration

One Working Day

Within one working day, you will have to provide your PAN card, address proof and identity proofs of all the directors/partners/proprietors of the company. You also need to furnish the details of all employees working under you.

Two Working Days

The application form for professional tax will be then filled up by the employees and then submitted to the concerned authorities by our expert affiliates. If the documents are all provided in order, then the process will not take more than two working days.

Seven Working Days

Within five to seven working days, the basic acknowledgment will be provided by us. In case the documents are not in proper order, the inspector will ask for the missing documents. As soon as you provide the missing ones, the process will be completed. The registration hard copy will be issued within 10 days in all the major cities. In other places, it might take up to 15 to 20 working days.

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