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What is GST Registration?

The Goods and Service Tax is the biggest indirect tax reform which blends in all the other taxes into one single tax structure.

Under GST Regime, the goods and services are now taxed under a single law being Goods and Service Tax Laws.

The taxes are levied at a single rate. The collection is then bifurcated between both Central and State Government in name of CGST and SGST or IGST.

Benefits of GST Registration in India

Input tax credit and lower cost

Once the supplier of goods or services has obtained the registration under GST, he can take credit of the GST paid to the previous supplier concerning business activities. The decreased cost of inputs lowers the pricing of supplies. The registered GST supplier is also eligible to pass the ITC to the consumers.

Simplified and permanent registration

The online registration process is simplified with the assistance from LW experts. With the completion of registration process, the certificate is granted to the applicant stating the GST registration number, which is called GSTIN. The registration granted is permanent registration without any renewal requirement.

Legally recognized as Supplier

With compulsory or voluntary registration under GST, the supplier is eligible to collect the taxes legally. Further, the supplier can also pass on the credit. The voluntary registrant also gets equal status and responsibilities of taxpayer registered under the mandatory criteria. With the said registration, the registrant can also issue pakka invoice to the consumers.

Easy compliance requirements

Upon registration, every registrant is liable to fulfil compliance in the form of return filing in a periodical manner. These compliance requirements are simplified under the GST regime. It is also proposed to simplify the compliance through single return filing from multiple filings. A regular taxpayer would be awarded a higher GST Compliance rating as compared to others.

Permanent establishment in India

By registering a subsidiary in India, the foreign nationals or entities establish a permanent place of business and a legal entity in India. A company registered in India has separate legal identity than the promoters and the stockholders.

Strategic control over operations

Although being a foreign person, this structure helps the promoters to control over the operations and activities in a strategic manner. With at least one Indian resident director, the foreign entities benefit from the indirect control and supervision.

Documents Required for GST Registration Online

Digital Signature


Entity’s PAN Card

PAN & Aadhar Card

Business Address Proof

Rent Agreement

Bank details

Certificate of Registration

List of Directors & Secretaries

Process for GST Registration online

Step 1

Consultancy for requirement of GST Registration

Step 2

Collection of basic Information & documents

Step 3

Preparation of required documents

Step 4

Share documents for Applicant’s Signature, if required

Step 5

Preparation of online application

Step 6

Filing of registration application

Step 7

Government processing time

Step 8

GST Registration Certificate*

Step 9

Certificate of Incorporation

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