Copyright Registration

Give a legal backing to your creative work with Copyright Registration


What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration in India gives monetary rights and benefits to the original creators of literature, art, music, sound recordings, cinematographed films and broadcasts.

Copyright is automatically created at the moment when creator creates something.

The act of copyright registration in India is important as it gives the creator a legal right in public so that others cannot exploit the creator’s work.

Benefits of copyright registration

Prima Facie Evidence

Copyright protection provides a prima facie evidence in case if the litigation arises. The proof is essential to attest to anything in the court of law; hence copyright registration is very beneficial for creators.

Protection Extended Even After The Creators Death

Copyright’s protection is not restricted up to the original creators’ life span; its validity is longer than any other intellectual property. It is secured for the creators’ lifespan and 60 years after his/her death.

Public Record

When the registration of copyright is done, a definite public record is created that helps the original creator to establish his ownership over the said copyright.

For Filing a Case For Infringement

An individual cannot sue for copyright infringement unless he/she has a registered copyright. Registration gives the copyright holder the official right to file for infringement and claim for damages.

Permanent establishment in India

By registering a subsidiary in India, the foreign nationals or entities establish a permanent place of business and a legal entity in India. A company registered in India has separate legal identity than the promoters and the stockholders.

Strategic control over operations

Although being a foreign person, this structure helps the promoters to control over the operations and activities in a strategic manner. With at least one Indian resident director, the foreign entities benefit from the indirect control and supervision.

Documents required for Copyright registration in India

Details of the applicant

Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant (Certificate of Registration must be provided for a body corporate)

Nature of interest

Nature of the Applicant’s Interest in the Copyright

Details about the work

i.e. Type & Description of the Work, Title of the Work or URL Language of the Work

The Date of Publication

The date when your creative work was first published

Business Address Proof

Rent Agreement

Copyright registration Process

Step 1

Discussion and collection of basic Information

Step 2

Provide required documents

Step 3

Drafting of Documents by Professionals

Step 4

Verification of documents

Step 5

Preparation of online application

Step 6

Form filing of for Copyright Application online

Step 7

Physical submission of payment acknowledgment receipt,

Step 8

prescribed forms in triplicate copies to the Copyright Registry.

Step 9

Certificate of Incorporation

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